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Wedding Films FAQs

How long is the Highlight Film? 

The Highlight film is a song-length video which ranges between 2.5-4 minutes.

When is the Highlight Film finished? 

2-3 weeks after your wedding.

How do you approach filming my wedding day?

We feel it is important to keep the mood of your wedding day peaceful, worry and stress free. From the moment we arrive, we are not only there to film your special day but also to serve you and help to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To assist in this, we will communicate with you and plan an organized timeline for your wedding day. This timeline will include the specific, designated  moments in which we may step in and direct in order to achieve the best footage. Besides these allowed times, we will try our best to remain unobtrusive and capture your day as it happens.

Can I pick the music for my film?

We are certainly open to suggestions on music! However, due to copyright we may not always be able to purchase the license to use your requested song. Additionally, music and lyrics are an important part of editing your film in such a way that uniquely tells the story of your wedding day.  Because of this, we ask for complete creative control to ensure that your highlight film is the best!

How is Double Knot Films different from other videographers?

• We prioritize getting great audio throughout the day so we can incorporate anything significant that is spoken into your finished  film. From toasts, special comments, and important speeches given by your officiant, friends and families, we do our best to get great recorded audio that we can use so that you can remember their words forever.

•  Much like your wedding photographer, we take the liberty to direct certain aspects of the day in order to create a cinematic story of your wedding day. Video captures emotions and moments in action so we love to help create, and sometimes recreate, those moments to achieve beautiful, dynamic footage.

• Editing to retell the story of your wedding day is just as important as actually  filming your wedding day.  We edit not to simply create a video montage of your day, but to tell your unique story like no one else can. This requires a great amount of creative and technical skill as well as many hours of production to ensure that we use the best shots, the perfect narrative and music for your film.

What gear do you bring with you the day of the wedding?

A great amount of equipment is brought with us to ensure that your day is captured. Our gear includes three Canon Mark III cameras, an assortment of lenses, audio recorders, LED lights, tripods, monopods, and slider.

Do you charge for travel?

Oftentimes we don’t have to charge for travel since our brides book photography and film together and they travel as a team. However if you have already booked a wedding photographer, our travel fees are .55 a mile outside the 30 mile radius of Abilene. If your area is over a 2.5 hour drive from Abilene, transportation fees (.55 per mile), 4 meals ($10 per meal) and 1 to 2 night stay in a hotel may apply. Please inquire if you have specific questions regarding travel fees :).